Natural Cleansing Milk $40
This beautiful creamy cleanser is suitable for normal, dry, sensitive or mature skins.

It is highly effective as a make up remover without stinging the eyes. Odourless makes it valuable for the most sensitive skins.
Natural Cleansing Emulsion  $45
This is a gentle cleansing emulsion for oily, normal skins (usually younger skins).

It contains the wonderful properties of the decongesting clay & lavender for extra healing, decongesting, and disinfecting qualities. It also contains macadamia oil, which is particularly good for oily skin & grapefruit seed extract, our natural antibiotic & anti-oxidant. This cleanser emulsifies the oil off the skin without drying or stripping the skin.
Rose Tonic  $30
Contains NO alcohol, not drying on the skin, and perfect to spritz the skin to keep it hydrated.
Facial Renew $45
Use weekly to gently rid your skin of dead skin build up, refining your skins texture.

Allowing for better penetration of your daily moisturiser. Contains Walnut Kernel, Rosehip, and Rose Geranium gives the skin radiance and clarity.
Sun Cream $45
Protect your skin with our nourishing sun protection cream and feel the difference.

Perfect under makeup & applies just like a moisturiser
AHA/BHA Moisturising Cream $55
The rich array of indigenous super fruit extracts contain a high level of antioxidants

which in combination with the unique blend of AHA/BHA acids, aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and helps to maintain healthy glowing skin. Gentle enough to use daily.
Intensive Hydrate Eye Cream $45
Intensive Hydrate Eye Cream is enriched with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and essential amino acids.

These aid in increasing circulation, collagen production and reducing the appearance of dark circles, lines and wrinkles. Gentle enough to use daily.
Boost Serum  $55
Use Pureskin Boost Serum for a boost to your day, this light serum contains a blend of natural vitamins and extracts to invigorate and re-energise skin.
Cell Renewal Serum  $55
Cell Renewal Serum is a unique blend of Indigenous Super fruits, Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, vitamins, Aloe Vera and extracts to increase cellular regeneration and to aid in reducing wrinkle depth and volume.

Gentle enough to use daily.
Rejuvenating Serum  $55
Pureskin Rejuvenating Serum is a light non-oily formulation absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth
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Skin Care At Home

Akeso Natural Beauty uses and recommends the EarthSentials and PureSkin ranges.  If you are interested in updating your skin care routine or would like to know how to best look after your skin, make an appointment for your complimentary skin consultaion.  If you are re-ordering your products please give me 48hrs notice to make sure that your product is in stock.

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